11 Days on Lake Powell


Padre Bay 800x400

Its not all bad when the air is 90 degrees and the water is near 80 and you just happen to fall into the lake once a day with a bar of Ivory soap.

When you get out of the water you just put on a dry swim suit.

This was our 11th year at Lake Powell where we have access to a 67 foot houseboat, "REFLECTIONS". We tow an 18 foot runabout from San Diego, a 600 mile trip each way (Vegas is on the way).

Lake Powell is on the Utah-Arizona border just upstream from the Grand Canyon. It is on the Colorado River just up river form the Grand Canyon. The lake is impounded by the Glen Canyon Dam where it is 560 feet deep. The Lake Powell is over 190 miles long with a shoreline of 1,960 miles and has 96 major side canyons.

Joyce and Henry overlooking Gunsight Butte and Padre Bay
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The houseboat "REFLECTIONS" has a slip at Wahweap Marina, just outside Page, Arizona.

In the foreground is our runabout tied up to the transom of the houseboat in the slip
Slip 1 Slip 2



Fishing has declined over the 11 years we have been coming to the lake. Click here to learn more. When striped bass were introduced they flourished to a point where they decimated the forage fish. There are now 4 million stripers in the lake with very little to eat. The average size has declined from 8 pounds to less than 2 pounds. In an effort to reduce the number of stripers, there is no bag limit and fishermen are encouraged to keep all catches.

We use 4 1/2 foot ultralight rods with 6 lb. test. We set the drags light and have a ball with the small fish. We saw striper boils from the houseboat but they went down before we could get there.



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Towing up lake
Towing 240x120



Houseboat anchoring is very different from conventional methods. The key is to find an good beach. An ideal beach is sandy, rather than rocky, and has a gentle slope, both above and below water. You run the bow onto the beach and then set four anchors in the dry sand, two on each side. A gang plank off the bow to the beach completes the setup.

"Reflections" anchored in Kane Canyon
Reflection 240x120
Reflections 240x120 Reflections 1 240x120
Reflections 2 240x120 Reflections 3 240x120



It's Tough Life But . . . . .
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Huevos 240x120
Huevos Rancheros con Jalapenos


FALL FOLIAGE Lake Powell Style

Changing of the Seasons -- Green Tumbleweeds Turning Brown
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Using the houseboat as a base, Lake Powell is best enjoyed using a small boat for fishing, exploring or water skiing, etc.

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Fish Spotter? Ultralite Seaplane
Ultra 1 240x120 Ultra 2 240x120

The lake is currently down 70 feet leaving clams high and dry
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La Gorce Arch
La Gorce 240x120

Many of these canyons are 50-100 feet deep where you can barely push a boat through
Canyon1 240x120
Canyon2 240x120
Canyon3 240x120 Canyon4 240x120


GEOLOGICAL WONDERLAND aka Hard Bodies and Hot Rocks

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